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How I Use the Net Everyday

I know that the Internet can be a great blessing to the handicap since for years now I have participated in it not only for work but also to communicate with people.

My primary work involves being a researcher for Google Answers. My earnings there aren't much by American standards but for us in the Philippines its good enough to send the child to school, have a few for groceries and pay for the bills.

Google Answers

Another project I started is creating blogs like this one. I also have another new blog called Flash Driven, a blog about flash memory technology. One way to earn through blogs is by providing Adsense ads on your site. I suggest that you read the blogging tips at Problogger.net. Before I started blogging, I tried to learn as much as I can through the tips in that website. It is an amazing resource to know how you can use a blog to communicate and also a business. Haven't earn much yet but maybe because I haven't been blogging that long.

Aside from all that work, I also join communities. With online communities, I can find new friends and continue relationships with old ones. I even find cheap things to buy by having personal transactions through the net. But most of all, I can also share my faith to others.

Internet telephony and instant messaging is another wonderful tool while online. My parents and my brother, who are in the United States, communicate with me through Skype or Yahoo Messenger. Skype is great and in fact at times sounds better than landline telephones. In fact since Skype is free and because of this we were able to include my mom and dad in our weekly Bible Studies. An activity that can be very expensive indeed if done on an ordinary phone lineor through cellular phones.

I really hope that every handicap can use the web since it really expands someone's world especially if you are confined to the few meters of your room.

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