Friday, July 07, 2006

A Hope for the Poor Handicap Child

Have you heard of the $100 Laptop?

The $100 laptop is a project by the non-profit organization One Laptop Per Child in cooperation with MIT Labs to enable every child to carry a laptop. The laptop will not be sold in the market but will be distributed directly to schools with the help of the government. This will be of great benefit to children in poor countries.

The 'One Laptop Per Child' also has the capability to help another segment of society which has a greater difficulty in participating in this world and providing for their families. Disabled people who are poor at a greater disadvantage. If they do not have the proper education, the disabled handicap cannot rely on their strength to earn a living. Disabled people cannot participate on hard manual labor work which is sadly, most of the time, the only opportunity available to poor people in underdeveloped countries. Education and the power of information is the answer to this predicament of poor handicap people.

I am really glad for organizations like 'One Laptop Per Child' because they not only help the poor and bring possibilities to the handicap but they have the vision that will uplift their lives in generations to come. The Bible talks about helping the marginalized in society and this organization has indeed heeded this message.

"There are always going to be poor and needy people among you. So I command you: Always be generous, open purse and hands, give to your neighbors in trouble, your poor and hurting neighbors." (Deuteronomy 15:11 -–The Message Bible)

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