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Turn Your Home Into A Call Center

Filipinos and people from India and China are not strangers to the phenomenon of the call centre industry. This industry has been a source of income for people in these countries. Sacrifices must be done as well since people have to endure changes in body clock, wake up in the very early mornings, travel in streets that become dangerous in that time of the night. This is because the office hours in the western countries are at that time in Asian nations.

Now call centers are moving somewhere closer to our home. Yes you read it right, it can now be done in your specific homes! Now disabled people can participate in the call center market as well. I think that some companies are already doing this in the Philippines. In fact they are already calling this as homeshoring instead of offshoring. An example on how this is being done can be seen in this article from Canada.

"When you're 50 and handicapped (Poulin lost his right leg to the so-called flesh-eating disease in 1989), it's tough to find work," he said yesterday between morning and afternoon split shifts handling food orders, complaints and providing information via phone and Internet. "It's ideal, guaranteed work for me."

There are some advantages too since there is limited down time when people work from home.

"It's practical for us," St-Hubert official Gerald Desmarais said of virtual call-centre agents like Poulin. "Even if there is a winter storm, it allows us to have rapid response to our customers because there's no need for the home agents to displace themselves."

If you are a handicap and can speak well plus if you love people, this is a great opportunity for you.

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